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Santa Rosa Acupuncture- Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac.
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"I have a pinched nerve and muscle spasms in my right hip and pelvis area. Kat relaxed my spasms, and for the first time in six years I didn't have pain in my right side. I recommend to anyone suffering from never-ending pain. To give Kat a try you won't be dissapointed. It wasn't painful at all. It was relieving to let the tension go from my body. Awesome Kat Thank you!!!!" -Simone G.
Kat Delse Mardirous, M.S., L.Ac,
Liscensed for ten years and with four years of an intensive acupuncture internship prior to that, Kat brings a special love of women's health and fertility to her practice.
About Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac.

Kat Delse Mardirous' aim is to expand and improve the practice of medicine, particularly the practice of women's health (Gynecology and Obstetrics) by integrating the wisdom of the ancient Eastern world with modern western theory. She brings her intelligence together with her creativity to share insights and touch/energy that allow people to heal and change their lives.

Master's Educated and California Licensed Acupuncturist

Kat Delse Mardirous received her Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine in 2008 from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley. She completed over 1,000 hours of clinical experience as an intern at the AIMC clinic, Berkeley Primary Care, and the Jewish Community Free Clinic. Her professional interests include women’s health and fertility, psycho/emotional/spiritual issues, and pain relief as part of a general family practice. Kat has special training working clinically with children as well and certification in a practice of combining essential oils with synergistic acupoints known as Aroma Acupoint Therapy. 


Kat was passionate about art as a child and grew up in a household where science was well loved. She feels Chinese Medicine is the perfect blend of art and science, unifying creative composition and harmonizing of the body's energies with facts and rational understanding of the body. She has learned much about love and healing through a diverse array of relationships and trainings including martial arts, home health care for the elderly, Reiki, meditation, Kriya Yoga, and spiritual midwifery. 

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"I was treated by Kat after I had experienced an ectopic pregnancy while trying for a second child. A doctor confirmed that I had only one functioning tube. Unfortunately my working tube had been damaged from the tubal pregnancy. It was explained that I was "high-risk" for another ectopic and that I might not concieve at all. Kat spent time hearing my full story and treated me with acupuncture and reiki. I could feel the energy moving through my body during the treatment and left her office feeling energized. After, I followed up with some healing Chinese herbs that Kat perscribed. I am grateful to Kat for helping to restore my fertility. It feels like a miracle that after only four months of trying to concieve I am now pregnant again, this time in the uterus where the baby belongs!"- Lee Anne A.

"As an acupuncturist myself, I know how helpful regular acupuncture treatment can be for supporting a healthy pregnancy. When I conceived my son I began seeing Kat for regular weekly sessions. Her gentle presence was always soothing, and her acupuncture and Reiki treatments left me feeling energized and relaxed. The treatments helped me to maintain balance throughout the many changes of pregnancy. I would recommend Kat to anyone!" -Roselle McNeilly., L.Ac

"Kat has provided the best acupuncture experience. Her knowledge of women's infertility and health issues and her ability to partner with her patients through the process is invaluable. With regular visits my health improved, I felt more relaxed, less anxious and I conceived a healthy baby girl!" -Beth C.

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