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Santa Rosa Acupuncture- Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac.

Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac. Services

What is Acupuncture Like? 

Acupuncture promotes circulation of blood and energy through the body. Needles are thin and generally painless. Inserted into specially selected acupoints they can assist in pain relief or bring healing to internal or external health concerns. Additional therapies such as cupping (a suctioning therapy good for pain relief) or moxabustion (a warming, nourising therapy) may also be used to assist the treatment. Kat has helped many people with fears of needles to have a pleasant experience of acupuncture.

How is Kat Delse Mardirous' Acupuncture Different?

Kat works in a unique way combining acupuncture therapy with energy healing and essential oils on points. Clients find this blend a relaxing enhanced experience and practitioners have noted improved results in treatments. Kat is trained Reiki, an ancient system of hands on healing. With Reiki, the hands are placed lightly on or nearby a clothed body and universal life energy is gently chanelled to bring powerful healing results. Kat also specializes in Women's Health and Fertility and Pediatrics, so she brings expertise and special interest to these types of cases.

Beginning Treatment

Prior to your first acupuncture treatment you will be sent a set of forms inquiring about your reason for coming, your prior health history, and your family medical history. Filliing out these forms before coming allows for the first session (usually a full hour and a half long) to be focused on honing in on the root cause of your issues, coming up with a treatment plan, and experiencing your first healing session. It is a good idea to come in loose comfortable clothing so that needles can easily be placed along the limbs and to bring any blood labs or imaging results you have had done that relate to your condition.


Although Kat Delse Mardirous, L.Ac. does not handle insurance billing herself, many insurance providers will pay a portion of acupuncture treatment costs for their clients. Please call your provider to see if you may be covered for acupuncture and for what number of treatments. The receipts Kat gives have coding information on them that is helpful in getting your insurance company to reinburse your treatment. The sending of this information to your insurance carrier for reinbursement is an essential part of creating a "superbill."


Initial Treatment/Consultation $100 ( Up to One hour and 30 minutes) 
Follow-up Treatment $65 (One hour), $75 with aroma acupoint therapy  

After Treatment

Expect to feel relaxed and perhaps more open after your first session. Results continue to develop at least 24 hours prior to treatment, although many people notice a decrease in pain or symptoms directly after their first session.

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